Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Off of Stonington II
24 x 30

I'm on a roll so I had better add one more painting.  I have been in Oregon and am having troubles with the time change so that is why I am up so late posting these couple of paintings.  Speaking of Oregon, Portland has the best Farmers Market.  I took tons of vegetable pictures which will become paintings.  Also at some time I am going to tackle a couple of figure paintings, there was a wonderful rag time band playing which has inspired me.  Don't hold your breath however waiting for it.
So this is another attempt at the coast of Maine at Stonington.  My photograph really isn't that great the trees are darker than in the actual painting and the background shows much more blue than is the painting.  But right now I only care about getting these posted.  Can you imagine how long it would be if I tried to edit the colors!!!!

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