Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Persimmons on blue striped cloth

Today I am trying to enter all the information necessary for my blog all by myself.  I have tried once and am now on the second try.  If this goes through it will be a miracle.
The painting that I have chosen to display today is of persimmons and a striped tablecloth, I chose the cloth for the color but also was attracted to all the stripes.  I thought it would be a challenge to have a very busy background but have it muted enough that it complemented the fruit.  I think I accomplished that.
Well I almost got this right, but now I have to figure how to eliminate the frame in PhotoShop and save the corrections.  Tune in next time......


  1. Love your blog and your persimmon painting! to get rid of the frame, look for 'crop' and just move the mouse around while holding down the left hand button. You will see what happens...

  2. Hi Lee! Glad to see you up and running, keep posting your beatuful art! Congrads on your bog!!!!!!!